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The Gentlo is a multi-platform aesthetics device that provides non-surgical solutions for every indication that may come through your clinic door. Combining Radio Frequency Microneedling and Plasma the Gentlo allows practitioners to treat patients with maximum comfort and efficiency whilst still generating award winning results.

With the multi-platform technology, the Gentlo can turn any single treatment room into a skin centre allowing the treatment of all skin types and fitzpatrick scales.

With a number of consumables provided alongside the machine, there is a quick return of investment, making the Gentlo one of the most sought after devices globally.

The Gentlo is the only Radio Frequency Microneedling platform to offer five different technologies to treat most skin and body concerns. It targets different skin layers, from the epidermis to the dermis and subcutaneous adipocyte tissue.

Our FDA-cleared Gentlo Platform device delivers optimal results with minimal downtime for treating multiple indications:  

  • Skin Tightening   
  • Fine Lines and Wrinkles  
  • Retexturising and Remodelling of the Dermis and Sub Dermis 
  • Dull Skin  
  • Pigmentation   
  • Enlarged Pores  
  • Acne  
  • Scarring  
  • Stretch Marks   
  • Surgical Scars  
  • Vaginal Laxity and Incontinence 

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Return On Investment Calculator

You can see from the ROI calculator below that you can receive a return on investment with just 40 treatments! You can change the figures on the calculator below.

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Gentlo Literature

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The Gentlo Journal

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Yes, using our insulated needles the Gentlo is capable of treating this.

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